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SAVE | Virginia Folkestad    ...NOISELESS FOOT OF TIME     a solo exhibition

THE   | April 12 - June 1, 2019 ~ opening reception April 12, 2019
DATE | Sandra Phillips Gallery, 47 W. 11th Ave, Denver, Colorado

I often join fundamentally disparate materials, natural and cultural, to create forms reminiscent of nature but my work isn’t only about form; concept is always present. My Installations are akin to riddles, I give hints as to content but much is left to viewer interpretation. Unless my work provokes thought and participation beyond the visual impression, I have not achieved the desired reaction. While my work doesn’t surrender it’s meaning easily, I believe it delivers a clear message to the observer who seeks to relate to it as a participant rather than as a casual viewer. 


Virginia Folkestad

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Virginia is a Sculptor/Installation Artist who is a two-time recipient of the Artist Fellowship in Visual Arts Grant from the Colorado Council on the Arts. Learn more by viewing my resume…